Nina has worked as an artist for a few years since graduating 2010. Her official makeup training came from 'brushstokes studio' at the London film studio in Shepperton and has been working since. She has also added another skill to her plate in dressing long hair as she has seen a big demand in this area.

She has since worked on many projects of her own including stage performers, dance performers, models and worked alongside many other clienteles. She specializes in makeup for editorial, cover shots, inside magazine, fashion spreads - hair and makeup, beauty makeup both simple and extreme, co-ordination with hair. Cat walk makeups and shows with use of strong colours and shapes with body art, simple sexy makeup, makeup for black and white editorial, portrait makeup and hair. Different shapes of makeups for catalogues and grooming for men.. Nina always enjoys learning and thrives on adding new skills to her existing techniques. Following the constant change of the hair and makeup industry she is always looking for ways to bring the latest and the classics standards of beauty and hair to her clientele.

Contact for availability:

Portrait shooting

Video shootings

Special occasion / events

Fashion show

one on one makeup classes

Makeup classes 1.5hr $1,500:

Tips and advice on how to correctly use your makeup. Find you have so much makeup in your kit and you have no idea if that colour matches your skin tone or how to correctly apply the colour onto your face. Choose an area you would like to focus on - eye application or concealer application and we can work together on that specific topic.